som•no•lent (ˈsɒm nə lənt)  Adj.

1. sleepy; drowsy, inducing sleep or sedation.
2. photography with an atmosphere of melancholy and mystery

Have you ever longed to be in a fairytale? A lost princess standing on the steps of your castle, draped in decadent fabrics, hearing the calls of distant birds from the nearby forest, feeling the chill of the air as autumn leaves sweep past you and a thick fog descends... 

Somnolent Images is a collection of dark, surreal and fantasy images. Escapism and fragility are recurring themes explored and unique forgotten worlds are created that each have their own narratives and intrigue.

About Juliette Lichman

24 years old
Born in Odessa, Ukraine
Educated in Sydney, Australia for school and university
Graduated with a Bachelor of Design
Moved to Edinburgh, Scotland in late 2014

I capture something that is almost invisible but always present. 

I'm strongly inspired by classical paintings - the portrait sitters achieved similar things, immortalising their ideal selves in paintings that have (and will) last for centuries. 

My other passion is music. Tea drinker, traveller, doll collector, hedgehog owner, urban explorer, historic costuming enthusiast and early music lover.

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